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Bohemian Artist Alliance

BAA Music Group

BAA Music Group, LLC is an independent record company based out of Memphis, TN. If your looking for a record company with a bunch of big offices, coat and tie stiffs, and no vision of the future, BAA is not the place. BAA believes in music, art, and film and creatively bringing artists together to achieve their goals. BAA, also known as the Bohemian Artist Alliance is about being free to experiment with new sounds, art, and the presentation to its fans. We are not your normal label group. Thank goodness.

Deering and Down

Deering and Down is comprised of Canadian-born sultry songbird Lahna Deering and left-of-center guitar player Rev Neil Down. After meeting and joining forces in Alaska, they have been collaborating for over a decade. With both musicians having an affinity for the sweet soul of the South’s blues and rockabilly edge, they have since then made Memphis their home base where they have recorded their last three albums. 

While their new album offers a “whole set of pastels” and a slightly new musical approach for the duo, Deering and Down still wear the crown as gurus of “sexy music” and remain “defiantly unorthodox.” They have brought elements of their live performances into the studio and now need the help of their fans to share it with the world.

Lahna Deering

Lahna Deering

Lahna was born in Surrey, British Columbia, but she mostly grew up in a farmhouse in Port Townsend, Washington, the daughter of a stewardess and mining engineer. Her father came from a family so dedicated to making music that they photocopied hundreds of folk songs, country numbers, Beatles tunes and church hymns with lyrics and chords into hand-bound books they called the Deering Family Songbook, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and more. By 14 Lahna was playing acoustic guitar and singing her own songs at the Boiler Room, the alternative coffeehouse in Port Townsend. 

“’Pulp Fiction’ came out when I was 12," she says; “I was too young to see the movie, but I was allowed to get the soundtrack. It had Dusty Springfield’s ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ and Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’; it had surf music and country music. All my girl friends and I would go home after school and put on that Dusty song and just wear it out. It was this whole world of music that just seemed more serious than Vanilla Ice and the New Kids on the Block that our classmates were listening to.”

She ended up in a Portland, Oregon, experimental high school, an institution so alternative that Lahna was able to spend a lot of her time in the school’s rock'n'roll band, Lavish, writing and singing her own songs. Some of the songs she co-wrote with her friend Mile Thieson for Lavish later surfaced on the first Deering & Down album. After graduation, she found her way to Skagway, Alaska, where her mom had moved.

Rev Down

Rev Down

Rev had grown up in Anacortes, Washington, the son of a crane operator and a classical pianist. At age 13, Rev had bought himself a cheap guitar with the strings half an inch off the frets; by the time he’d conquered it, he could play any other guitar with ease. His early musical education came from his older sister’s record collection: Beatles, Stones, Stax, Creedence, Al Green.

“When I was a kid of 17,” Rev remembers, “I saw Albert Collins play a show at a local Catholic school in Seattle where I was living then. He really moved me; he was hitting on some cylinders in the sonic engine that I didn’t even know existed. Afterward I went to an all night coffee shop out on Highway 99, and Albert Collins himself came in and sat down next to me. I said, ‘Mr. Collins, I saw you tonight and I still can’t find my socks ‘cause you blew them off.’ That was the beginning of a pretty cool relationship; we kept in touch for years, and he’d actually sneak me into places I was too young to get into.” 

After high school and a brief fling at junior college, Rev pursued music full-time. He became the leader of a garage-rock band called Universal Jones; he pitched songs in L.A.; he made a 1998 album, “American Friends,” with Jerry Scheff, who had played with Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and the Doors; he jammed with Jamie Oldaker and Dick Sims at Leon Russell’s church in Tulsa. It was all good schooling, but he never seemed able to break through to the next level. When he moved to Skagway, it felt so welcoming after L.A. that he decided to stay for a while.

“I played here for years with my own band," Rev says. “Alaska has a lot of great players, perhaps because there’s so much time to woodshed in the winter.

Ruby Dawn

Electronic pop duo Ruby Dawn is made up of Ashley Gerst and Ben Bauermeister. Ruby Dawn is a collaborative music project and vision which features the beautiful voice of Gerst with music and beats provided by Bauermeister. 

Ashley Gerst


Ashley started off as a singer-songwriter playing open mic nights at the local coffee shop in Greenville, South Carolina. She studied guitar in high school and continued playing through college. Ashley moved to Memphis to attend art school at Memphis College of Art where she received an undergraduate degree in painting and a Master’s of Art in Teaching. Memphis College of Art is where she met Ben Bauermeister. Ben and Ashley dated for two years before Ashley decided to teach English abroad in Busan, South Korea. While in Korea, Ben and Ashley began sending audio files back and forth via email that spawned the couple’s current music project Ruby Dawn. Ashley currently teaches visual art for Memphis City Schools.

Ben Bauermeister


Ben got much of his musical training when he was a drummer in the Marching Blue Jays at Washington High School. Ben moved to Memphis to attend Memphis College of Art where he met a community of artists and musicians. He has continued to play drums with various bands since high school including many Memphis bands like The Warble, The Magic Kids and Toxie. He also has an interest in creating electronic music. Ben’s electronic music can be heard through his solo project A55 Conducta and his collaboration with his girlfriend Ashley Gerst in Ruby Dawn.

The Warble

The Warble is an alternative group that has been around since 2007. The Warble, which is led by frontman Alex Warble, have continually pushed the limits in music and art. Their shows are as different as is their music. Their shows are never the same and can contain art, props, lighting effects, and even different members. Known for their energetic shows and their wonderful band members that come and go you always know one thing, that it will be fun, different and good to the ear. 

Alex Warble


An artist, musician, actor, and mural painter, living and working in Memphis. He comes from a family of artists and musicians in Fulton Mississippi, and moved to Memphis to study at the Memphis College of Art. Alex graduated in 2006 with 2 concentrations = Illustration and Painting. Alex is currently working on a number of projects ranging from Music Videos, CD covers, illustrating several books, flyers, murals, and even a city funded public sculpture. 

His paintings are often obliquely surreal, and yet somehow very humorous. His illustrations have been featured in various books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. Music is also an important part of Alex’s life, and he devotes as much time to his band, the Warble, as he does to his art. His band plays regularly at various venues and events.

Benny B


Benny "B" is an incredible musician or machine that plays drums as well as other instruments. Ben has been a part of the local Memphis music scene for years. He has played and continues to play in many bands and never slows down. His creativity is expressed in the different styles of music he plays. Ben was one of the original members of The Warble since the band started in 2008. He has played on all The Warbles albums and contributes again on 4 songs off the new Movie Night release.

When Ben is not traveling he enjoys arts, music, reading and cycling.


Liz Hoehn

Liz Hoehn, the daughter of two musicians, joined the Warble in 2010. Her love for music and wordplay can be seen and heard in her lyrics and vocals. She also plays violin and keyboard. She is currently attending the University of Memphis with a concentration in design.

The Warble

A new video.

F.O.B.s >>>Friends of BAA

BAA is made up of musicians, artists, photographers, filmmakers and basically anyone involved in the arts. The Bohemian Artist Alliance is open to those that share a desire to be creative. 


Indie Jones

Calen "Indi" Smith is a 22 year old born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. When he was 21 he moved to Tennessee to take care of family and ended up falling deep into a creative and musical world, exploring many forms of artistic expression. He became friends with a studio musician named Kyle Buchanan who was originally from his home town, this friendship became the catalyst for their creativity and the duo began recording songs every time the studio was empty. The transition to an Indie/acoustic artist from his days in Phoenix as a hip hop artist was a big, but relatively easy switch. Calen, besides being a musician is also a painter and an aspiring film maker. He is currently enrolled in a fine arts academy studying film, concentrating in Directing, Editing and Writing. Calen will continue to create and ascend in the world of Film and Music, as long as there is loving fans who will love him every step of the way. BAA looks forward to working with him in the near future.


Molly Blankenship

Molly Blankenship is an American singer-songwriter born in Nashville, Tennessee.

Molly has been on stage since before she could walk, and has explored many different mediums in the performing arts. Her family has been involved in theater and music for as long as she can remember. She spent her childhood stepping between community theater and professional theater in Tennessee, as well as New York where she studied for a year and a half at the Atlantic Theater (founded my David Mamet and William H. Macy). One day at her parents' home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee she picked up the baritone ukulele that lay untouched in the family music room. With that ukulele she composed her first songs. Many of which would later be on her yet to be released EP (to be released 2012). She has been writing ever since and believes she may have found the medium right for her. Today she is composing songs on guitar and playing bass in the band Mosley Shepherd who also is working on another EP entitled "I Remain Very Truly Yours". She has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by brilliant musicians in her family and her closest friends and she is excited to see what will become of her craft.


Anderson Goin

Anderson Goin (A & R director at BAA) has been with BAA since the beginning. Besides A & R, Anderson also heads up scheduling for house concerts and art events that BAA sponsors. If you are an artist or a musician interested in trying to book something in Memphis reach out to Anderson at

Currently attending Memphis College of Art, Anderson is also a gifted artist. He enjoys painting, photography and sculpture. Anderson has had several group shows as well as two one man shows with the most recent being at Playhouse on the Square and featured the very talented singer/songwriter Valerie June.

To see some of his ever changing art visit


Jacob and Buck the dog

Jacob Kirk and Buck (the dog) are the two newest members to the BAA family. Jacob, a gifted artist in film, has created many shorts. His infamous comedy spoofs from the series "Super House" has had over a million views on You Tube. (Confusion and action! Confaction!) The "documentary" of two super hero's living togther has since been copied by hundreds of people around the world.

Buck is the famous Dog known for his title song, "His Name is Buck !". Both can be seen on You Tube.


Alix Kirk, In her Social Media Dress

Alix Kirk, a graduate of the University of Memphis, has been with BAA since the beginning. Alix's duties vary at BAA whether in social media to photography. If you would like for Alix and BAA to give you a shout out contact

Alix who is also an award winning photographer has had many of her photos in group shows. Alix believes communication whether through photography, music or spoken word helps each of us better understand one anothers needs. Alix supports artists and musicians who want to make a difference in helping others.