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Memphis' own soulful folk duo, Deering and Down, just announced a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign in support of their anticpated upcoming full-length album set to release in late February of 2015.

Deering and Down is comprised of Canadian-born sultry songbird Lahna Deering and left-of-center guitar player Rev Neil Down. After meeting and joining forces in Alaska, they have been collaborating for over a decade. With both musicians having an affinity for the sweet soul of the South’s blues and rockabilly edge, they have since then made Memphis their home base where they have recorded their last three albums.

Deering and Down’s last album, Out There Somewhere, was recorded with the Hi-Rhythm section of Royal Studios by Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell and his father - the late legendary Willie Mitchell, back in 2012. Out There Somewhere classified Deering and Down as one of the few current Memphis artists to emulate and carry the signature Sun and Stax sounds into the future of a historically captivating musical city, and they now continue that authentic flavor with a more raw and modern twist. 

While the new album offers a “whole set of pastels” and a slightly new musical approach for the duo, Deering and Down still wear the crown as gurus of “sexy music” and remain “defiantly unorthodox.” They have brought elements of their live performances into the studio and now need the help of their fans to share it with the world.

With resources like GoFundMe, Deering and Down is shooting for the moon! In hopes of producing more videos, more tours, and first-time vinyl, they are excited to announce that they have just launched their crowdfunding campaign on October 30, 2014.