baa music group (bohemian artists alliance)


A & R Director, Anderson Goin said he was excited about what 2011 has in store. "We know of so many wonderful artists that the hard part is not to get to far ahead and to stay focused on our goals and timeline. There is no other group like The Warble. I mean, they are artists, performers, actors and visionaries. Imagine Wolf Parade, Lori Anderson, MGMT and a little Jay Reatard for that raw factor all rolled into one, I love them." Goin added that. "Our first mission is to release the yet to be named album by The Warble. Alex Warble has had his band together for a few years and the band changes from time to time. Members come and go as part of a wonderful ebb and flow which allows for different sounds and looks. The plan is to start with The Warble and then to add one or two more acts either by the third and fourth quarter. We think by 2012 we could have as many as six acts. But we do not want to get too many because we want to stay focused on the current projects at BAA. Also, speaking about The Warble, Alex Warble's art is unbelievable. You see Van Gogh, Haring, and Calder mixed together. Alex truly has his own style just like his music".

Goin's main goal right now is too find new talent and to get people in the studio to lay a few tracks down. "We really believe in finding new talent that is truly different. We recently had Molly in the studio and I would love to try and sign her to a deal. She has so much potential." 

Goin concluded with a toast to the New Year! "Welcome to BAA, The Bohemian Artist Alliance begins today"

   Molly Blankenship   A & R Director Anderson Goin, Calen