baa music group (bohemian artists alliance)


2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the BAA family.  Currently, two projects are under way and will be released in the next few months. Ruby Dawn and Will McGee offer a great one two punch to begin the year.  Two other projects will be announced in the upcoming months to bring a total of 4 releases.

BAA also will take a more active role in supporting the arts. Most recently, BAA was a sponsor of the one man Art show “Seductive Repulsion” by Anderson Goin. Additional shows are planned for emerging artists to showcase art and music together. BAA will continue its support of theater, dance, and ballet.

BAA will play a more active role in scheduling and promoting shows in Memphis. This will be part of a broader mission which is to offer a venue for artists traveling through Memphis to play as well as to support artists on other labels to help their music while playing Memphis or simply to help spread the sound of new artists or new releases. If you are interested in seeing what we can do to help please contact