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Press Release Deering and Down

Deering and Down Officially Release New Music Video for Latest Single "You're the One"

(MEMPHIS, Tenn.) Indie-folkers Lahna Deering and Rev Down of Deering and Down premiered a brand new music video for their latest single, "You're the One" last week on Ditty TV.

The video was premiered in a live webcast after an interview with D&D and the director, Matteo Servente. He shared that the original concept for the video began as something completely different and gradually morphed into a whole new idea.The video visually captures the song's poppier sound in that it was "cast in a glow of shimmering lights" thanks to projection mapping done by Christopher Reyes and film and editing done by Nathan Black.

In the interview, Lahna Deering stated that "You're the One" is about always being 'the one,' even when you aren't the one for someone else. It is a song of self love and optimism.

This is the first single and music video from Deering and Down's currently untitled album which was produced by Doug Easley at Easley / McCain Recording whose studio has played host to artists like Jack White, Cat Power, Jeff Buckley, Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, and Wilco.

The album is scheduled to drop in late 2015 by BAA Music Group.

You can stream and share the video on Youtube and download the song for free from Noisetrade at

"You're the One" - Music Video
"You're the One" - Free Music Download


Deering and Down Press Release

Deering and Down Press Release

Say What? Deering and Down

Say What? Deering and Down

The Memphis Flyer


Deering and Down — "You're the One" (BAA Records)


Deering and Down released "You're the One," last month, with the announcement that the track was the lead-off single to their eighth studio album. Opting to record at Easley McCain studios instead of Willie Mitchell's Royal Studio (where the band recorded their last album, Out There Somewhere), "You're the One" is an esoteric love song that sits somewhere between dream pop, modern soul, and what Deering and Down call "sexy music." The new album from Deering and Down is set to be released "later in 2015," but pay attention for song announcements in the form of music videos coming throughout the summer and fall.

For Fans of: Julee Cruise, Lana Del Ray

Capital City Weekly

Story last updated at 6/4/2015 - 12:58 pm

Deering and Down to release new music video this week

A new music video from former Juneau band Deering and Down will be released this week, on Wednesday, June 3. The single, "You're the One," was released in audio format on May 15, and is the first from the duo's as-yet-unnamed album, scheduled to come out later this year. The video will be shown on DittyTV, a free network accessible on the internet at

Deering and Down, which features Juneau's Lahna Deering and her musical collaborator, Rev. Neil Down, have released seven albums to date, making the new release their eighth. Singer Deering and guitar player Down, who are now based in Memphis, met in Skagway in 1998. They recorded their first album, "Coupe de Villa," in 2001 in Whitehorse.

Following the release of their latest album, "Out There Somewhere," in 2012, a reviewer for the Memphis Flyer wrote: "She's got a voice like Loretta Lynn swallowed Rod Stewart. He plays guitar like nobody you've ever heard. Great in a bar. Better in a hotel room. How's that for a pull quote?"

"You're the One" was recorded at Ealey McCain Recording.

For more on the band, ad a sneak preview of the video, visit

Concerts on the Dock spring 2015 preview: at-a-glance details for each show

At one point, Lowe Mill event coordinator Matt Bakula considered "banning banjos" from Concerts on the Dock's spring 2015 lineup. That idea was eventually dropped. Bakula kept another prerequisite though: he'd only pick bands that had never played Lowe Mill's free outdoor concert series. Or as he puts it, "dock virgins."

"I'd rather just showcase some new stuff," says, Bakula, who takes over Concerts on the Dock bookings for the first time.  "We've got a built-in audience of like a thousand plus at this point. And it's the same thing like if a band goes on 'Saturday Night Live' that's something new a lot of the audience hasn't seen before. That was my plan."

Founded in 2007, Concerts on the Dock returns April 3 with a performance by Florence combo Clara Belle and The Creeps, a '60s girl-group-inspired band whose singer, Gracie Barrier, is just in her early teens. After humble beginnings with crowds of only 50 or so eight years ago, the series now draws an average crowd of around 1,200. And can peak closer to 2,000 sometimes. As was the case when Birmingham throwback R&B band St. Paul & The Broken Bones played the series in spring 2013, before blowing up and playing Bonnaroo and "Late Show with David Letterman" and becoming one of Elton John's favorite new bands. 

Concerts on the Dock's spring 2013 boasts nine shows over nine weeks. The lineup, details on each act and food truck schedule are listed below. The series, which also takes place in the fall, is held Fridays on a former loading dock at Lowe Mill, address 2211 Seminole Drive. Concert on the Dock shows run 6 - 9 p.m. with free admission. A $2 donation for parking is suggested. A couple new production wrinkles for this year: Bakula will be DJing before each show, spinning his "oldest crackliest records," as well as emceeing and "chatting it up a little with the bands to get to know them like I would if I was back stage before a gig. A few small talk questions about the road, where they've been, where they are headed."

When some acts Bakula was interested in booking for Concerts on the Dock turned out to be cost prohibitive, he looked at groups that were opening for those acts. He also worked with Anna Sue Courtney, director of Flying Monkey Arts, the mini-theater like venue on Lowe Mill's second floor. "Anna Sue gets emails all the time from bands because they've built up such a reputation for the venue. So I kind of stole a few emails from Flying Monkey," Bakula says.  He sought advice from two people who booked Concerts on the Dock in the past, Evan Billiter and Alicia Staffhorst. Bakula also poured over the Bonnaroo and South By Southwest lineups to "kind of try to anticipate who's routing through and catch them on a good day so they'll play or gig."

A longtime member of "Alabama ghost music" band Pine Hill Haints, in which he plays percussion and banjo, Bakula is no stranger to touring. He says luck was a factor in booking the series opener, Clara Belle and The Creeps. "I just tacked on some of my friends for that one. They were looking for a show and I was like, 'Guess what I'm doing now?'"

Concerts on the Dock spring 2015 lineup

April 3 Clara Belle and The Creeps
From: Florence (Paducah, Ky. roots artist J.D. Wilkes and U.K. folkie Serious Sam Barrett open)
For fans of: Shangri-Las, The Ronettes, The Crystals 
Songs include: "Tell Me Abby," "13 Floors," "Candy Corn"
Matt Bakula says: "I've been playing music with Joey Barrier (Creeps guitarist) and his daughter for ages. When Gracie was 6, we got her on stage. She wants to do it; it's not like a weirdo pageant mother. Because of her drive at such a young age. And she's a killer singer."
Food trucks that week: Food Fighters Bus, I Love Bacon

April 10 Stone Soul
From: Boulder, Colo.
For fans of: Pretty Lights, Gramatik, The Meters
Songs include: "Ageless," "Some Peace of Mind," "Concrete Street"
Matt Bakula says: "It will be our first DJ on the dock and I like that idea, too. Just something that hasn't been done."
Food trucks that week: Rocket Dogs, Food Fighters

April 17 Up The Chain
From: Philadelphia (Harrisonburg, Va. rockers The Dawn Drapes and Nashville songsmith Jordan Hull open)
For fans of: Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Dawes 
Songs include: "How You Feel About Travelling," "Seasick Sailors," "Tire Track"
Matt Bakula says: "It's three bands touring together, which is what I'm used to from my music background. Different vans, they all share the same stuff. They're going to be on the road no matter what."
Food trucks that week: Sub Zero Ice Cream

April 24 The Harmaleighs 
From: Nashville 
For fans of: Patty Griffin, Brandi Carlile, First Aid Kit
Songs include: "Hesitate," "Doll Made of Glass," "Collecting My Change"
Matt Bakula says: "Really pretty harmonies. The name of their album was like 'Pretty Picture, Dirty Brush' and I was like, 'That's awesome.'"
Food trucks that week: Rocket Dogs, Food Fighters

May 1 The High Fidelics
From: Birmingham
For fans of: Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Ventures
Songs include: "Lil' Curfew Breaker," "Mondo Rondo," "Spy Smasher" 
Matt Bakula says: "An instrumental surf band, also never done before on the dock. So there's no way they can drop F-bombs onstage because there's not even words. That's family friendly enough I think."
Food trucks that week: Neon Lilly, Sub Zero Ice Cream

May 8 The Wolves of Chernobyl
From: Huntsville
For fans of: The Decemberists, Justin Townes Earle, Counting Crows
Songs include: "Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket," "Eschatology," "With Half a Disease"
Matt Bakula says: "The Wolves of Chernobyl are the only act that's actually from here. I would like to emphasize the local acts one of these days - maybe in the fall I'll try to keep it local. Don't know yet though."
Food trucks that week: Food Fighters Bus, I Love Bacon

May 15 Stoop Kids
From: New Orleans
For fans of: A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Frank Ocean 
Songs include: "Velvet Slide," "17:35," "Look Around"
Matt Bakula says: "They're just one of those bands that are going to blow-up any time. A good hybrid of some weird music."
Food trucks that week: none

May 22 Deering and Down
From: Memphis
For fans of: Lucinda Williams, Wanda Jackson, Small Faces
Songs include: "You're The One," "Been a Lot of Rain," "Linda McCabe"
Matt Bakula says: "I got a Facebook message from a friend or something, that said 'You have to check out this duo from Memphis.' I think they're going to travel with a three-piece this time. The lead singer girl sings like Rod Stewart, man. She's all raspy and super-sexy."
Food trucks that week: Food Fighters, Rocket Dogs, Brain Freeze Ice Cream

May 29 April Mae & The Junebugs 
From: Moorestown, N.J. (Mobile's The Mulligan Brothers opens)
Songs include: "I Chop Wood," "Pin Up Girl," "Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat"
For fans of: Southern Culture On The Skids, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Imelda May
Matt Bakula says: "The Concerts on the Dock finale has coincided with the Cigar Box Guitar Festival for a while now. And April Mae & The Junebugs are cigar-box heroes for sure. April Mae loves the place and loves coming back and we love having them."
Food trucks that week: Food Fighters and Sub Zero Ice Cream